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This NNSJRFB is comprised of several chapters and/or districts with one Farm Board Representative per chapter.  They are comprised of the following Officers:

President of the Farm Board:

Dineh Benally- Shiprock Chapter


Vice President: 

Albert Lee



Jean Jones - Tse Daa Kaan Chapter


Board Members:

​Gilbert Harrison - Gadii Ahi Chapter

​Harrison Cly - San Juan Chapter

Tracy Raymond - Nenahnezad Chapter

​Vacant Spot- Upper Fruitland Chapter


Shiprock Chapter

This is a government branch with varied delegated powers & authority in accordance with Navajo statutory, regulatory, & common law. The basis of  this local government was initiated in 1922 as a means of improving agricultural conditions at a local level. Learn more.

Tse Daa Kaan Chapter

Tse Daa K'aan area is an agricultural community where area farmers grow corn that is used in common traditional foods such as kneel down bread, steamed corn & a variety of Indian melons.  

Learn more.

Aneth Chapter

Empowering their communities by providing and promoting quality public services for local planning and development.  Learn more.

Dineh Benally - President

"I love my Navajo Nation, and I am a proud son that is dedicated and committed to helping all my people."


Dineh Benally previously served as a Civil Engineer/ Project Manager for the federal government responsible for the construction of schools, justice centers, fire stations, roads and community infrastructure design, implementation and support in Indian Country.


As President of the Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board, he collaborates with Council Delegates, Grazing Officials, and Chapter Officials to protect native water rights and improve the economy and livelihood of the Navajo People.

He works with experts, both within the Nation and outside, to bring the necessary services and products for the Native people to thrive. 

He is advocating for the cultivation and production of hemp/cannabis products to help lead the Navajo Nation to economic revival. 



Gadii Ahi Chapter

Comprised of two communities that include farmers who grow an abundance of melon, Indian (Blue, White, Yellow) corn, a variety of vegetables, grain, and hay as well as grazing sheep, horses and cattle.  Learn more.

SJCounty logo.jpg

San Juan County Chapter

With the belief that land use is necessary to achieve a higher quality of life, this chapter encompasses planning while emphasizing housing, community and public facilities.  Learn More


Nenahnezad Chapter

The Nenahnezad Chapter has over 91,800 acres of farmland and currently part of the "Fruitland Irrigation Project" which involves 317 farmers; covering a total of 3,165 cultivated acres. Learn more.

Upperfruitland (1).gif

Upper Fruitland Chapter

Located 8 miles Southwest of Farmington, New Mexico, this is primarily a farming community with over 145 plots of farmland.  Learn more.

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