Cannabis Production

In 2017, the Navajo Nation Council Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approved an amendment to their Farming Legislation that permits economic development through the production of cannabis and hemp.


The legislation is intended to advance the Navajo Nation economy, promote economic development, and create additional farming opportunities with the intent to improve the standard of living and promoting health and welfare of the Navajo Nation citizens.


As a Sovereign Nation of the USA, the Navajo Nation can enact their own regulations and laws concerning cannabis but model their rules to align with those states that have already legalized so not to be in conflict.   


While the US government's position on cannabis production does not allow for any business to receive any tax credits and employer benefits in this industry, on the Navajo Nation there are several readily available.  Learn More


Hemp Pilot Program

In 2018 we completed a successful hemp cultivation pilot program. In 2019 we are developing a full scale hemp cultivation program with hemp derived products in compliance with Navajo Nation and Federal regulations (USDA/FDA).

Click here to learn how to apply for a hemp or cannabis licence for:

  • Cultivation

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing/Handler

  • Wholesale & Distribution

  • Retail 

  • Lab testing


  • Tax Benefits

  • Lower Taxes & Operating Costs

  • Swift Permitting & Licensing

  • Unlimited Water & Power

  • Over 100,000 acres of ready to grow fields


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