Please note:  The Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board has empowered the Native American Agricultural Company (NAAC) to represent their interests and screen all potential farms and farmers applications wanting to learn how to grow hemp.  All farmers must complete this application process to receive a hemp license, no exceptions.


We are now accepting Hemp and Cannabis License Applications to own and operate a business on the Navajo Nation, USA for the following classes:

  • Cultivation (Indoor / outdoor / greenhouse)

  • Processing/Handler

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale & Distribution

  • Retail

  • Lab Testing


This process includes:  

Step 1: Appointment & Pre-Screening Application


Contact one of our NAAC Representatives prior to submitting your application to discuss opportunity & process in detail.


Contact Information:


United States:

Native American Agricultural Company (NAAC)

c/o Aqueous International Corp

3800 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 1270

Las Vegas, NV 89169

T: 702-331-9700



Native American Agricultural Company

c/o Net Zero Group Corp.

5255 Yonge Street, Suite 1200

Toronto, ON M2N 4PN

T: 647-792-3700


Complete Six Steps

  1. Contact NAAC Rep

  2. Submit Business Plan & Provisional Cannabis/Hemp License Application

  3. Background Check

  4. Application Processing

  5. Hemp/Cannabis Provisional License Issued (if approved)

  6. Hemp/Cannabis License Issued (Once site location is selected & operational.


Note:  An initial short Pre-Screening Application will be provided for the business to complete, providing an overview of the operation you wish to develop.  This application must be returned to your Representative along with a $500 processing fee to begin the application process.  You will be notified of approval before proceeding to Step 2.


A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement will be provided as agreement between the Native American Agricultural Company and Applicant, to protect both parties from the exchange of confidential information. 


Step 2: Submit Business Plan & Provisional Hemp License Application 


  • Submit all items on the application checklist.  This include all applicable fees.  The NAAC will not accept an application if it is not complete.

  • The Provisional Hemp/Cannabis License Application will be provided by you NAAC Representative.


Note:  A copy of the Navajo Nation Hemp Regulations will also be provided for review and consideration.  Your business plan and site operations/plans must comply with these Regulations to be approved for a hemp license.


Step 3: Background Check


The NAAC will contact you within 5 business days following the intake of your application package to set up an appointment for review.  During this appointment you will be provided a “Support/Owner Occupational Employee Application” for each Owner/Corporate Officer Listed in Part 2 of the Application.  All Owners/Corporate Officers must provide a photo (passport quality) taken for an ID badge (hi-res electronic file is also acceptable). Important:  This step only applies to owners/corporate officers only.  We will start the background check process for employees after completing Step 5. 

This form will be completed by each individual listed in Part 2 of your application.  Hold onto this form(s) for submittal in Step 5.


All background checks are performed by a private, third-party security background checking business designated by the Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board (The Board).


Step 4: Application Processing


After all individuals listed in Part 2 of your Hemp/Cannabis Provisional License Application have completed the Support/Owner Occupational Employee Applications, the NAAC will continue processing your application.


Step 5: Notice to Proceed / Hemp Provisional License Certificate issued


After your Business Plan and Hemp/Cannabis Provisional License Application has been reviewed and accepted, a Notice to Proceed and a Hemp Provisional License will be issued allowing you to move onto the Site Planning / Site Selection / Site Design phase of the application process, if applicable. 


At this point you may also begin the submittal process of background applications for employees. 


At this time, you may also submit: Application for Site Permit and any Building Permit Applications if applicable. Forms provided in package.


Step 6: Issuance of Annual Hemp Provisional License and ID Badges


In order for the NAAC to issue your Annual Hemp Provisional License you must have:


  • An approved Business Plan with all conditions of approval met / Insurance binders

  • All security background checks completed and accepted

  • All applicable permits must be finalized including building permits and or fire permits.

  • An approved Certificate of Occupancy for buildings or permissions to operate as applicable, if applicable.

  • GPS Coordinates of all locations of where you are cultivating, processing, handling or storing hemp products and raw materials.

  • Signed American Indian Agricultural Registration Form and $500.00 fee enclosed.


Annual licenses are renewed 30 days before anniversary date of license date of issue. 


Once you have satisfied these requirements you will receive your Annual Hemp License and ID badges.

Congratulations...and welcome to the Sovereign Navajo Nation!

Call your NAAC Representative today. Click here.


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