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In 2008, the Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board (NNSJRFB) was established within the Executive Branch of the Sovereign Government to: 


  • Develop local capacity for the proper & full protection, conversation, management, sustainable & economic use and development of local farmland & irrigation water systems on the Navajo Nation.

  • Collaborate with private entities, organizations, state and federal agencies, farmers and farming communities to ensure proper operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and improvement of local irrigation.


  • Coordinate adequate research, education, and training in all aspects of agricultural production, irrigation management, marketing and financial management, and other areas within the NN. 

  • develop full utilization of all idle farmland.

The NNSJRFB may select from its membership, Officers to:


1.  To mediate and maintain official written records of disputes which arise among agricultural land use permit holders. Copies of these records are provided to:

  • Grazing Management Program 

  • Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture

  • Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources 

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

2.  To use land, grazing, and farm dispute procedures to mediate disputes of land use rights, fences, land boundaries, rights of way, weed or pest control, annual water use assessments or other agricultural-related disputes, on the NN (except in divorce, separation, probate).  

3.  To resolve inter-district agricultural-related disputes by holding joint meetings with adjoining Farm Boards. Unresolved disputes are submitted to the Office of Hearings & Appeals.

4.  To make recommendations and suggestions to the Resources Committee of the Navajo Nation Council, should there be any issues the Farm Board is unable to resolve under its authority with the exception of land, grazing & farm disputes.

5.   To develop and recommend for Resources Committee approval, such policies, procedures, rules and regulations as may be required to implement the provisions of this board.

6.   To develop, review & implement standard procedures manuals, short & long-term plans for land rehabilitation, improvement, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems, in coordination with appropriate NN private, state and federal agencies.

7.   To oversee plans, budgets, staffing, decisions and activities on NN  agriculture land with the responsibility for management, operations, maintenance and repairs of  irrigation projects under the authority of the Farm Board.

8.   To cooperate, negotiate, and enter into agreements, consistent with applicable NN laws, with NN private, state, and federal agencies to carry out programs for construction, rehabilitation, improvement, operation and maintenance of any irrigation structures or systems.

9.   To commission surveys, conduct investigations, research, education, and demonstrations relating to methods of agricultural production, farm management and crop marketing, irrigation management and other measures, and coordinate with appropriate NN private, state, and federal agencies on agricultural productivity and water management.

10.   To acquire, administer, and make available all plant materials, supplies, tools, machinery, equipment and other property necessary for the implementation of proper economic agriculture and irrigation system rehabilitation, improvement, operations, and maintenance, in coordination with appropriate NN federal agencies.

11.   To perform other duties directed by the Resource Committee of the Navajo Nation Council, the President of the Navajo Nation, and the Navajo Nation Council.

12.   To discourage land use permits and farm lands from being encroached upon from home sites, burials, churches, business sites, advertisements, real estate and urban developments.

13.   To cooperate with utility companies and like interests in the development of utilities on or adjacent to NN farmland.


Farm Board members are required to attend chapter meetings and submit monthly reports to the chapter. 


They must also submit monthly reports to the Grazing Management Program, the Department of Agriculture, the Executive Director, Division of Natural Resources, or his/her designee.


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